Hongsheng Zhou

Virginia Commonwealth University

Hong-Sheng Zhou is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at Virginia Commonwealth University, and a scientist and co-founder of Fractal Platform, a new blockchain startup. Hong-Sheng was a postdoc at Maryland Cybersecurity Center, as a recipient of NSF Computing Innovation Fellowship, under the direction of Jonathan Katz. Before that, he received his PhD at the University of Connecticut with Aggelos Kiayias as advisor. Hong-Sheng is working on multiple directions in cryptography including Secure Computing (Secure Multi-Party Computation, Blockchain Technologies, Functional Encryption and Obfuscation, Verifiable Computation), and Extreme Cryptography (Leakage/Tampering Resilience, Klepto Resilience, Quantum Resilience). He has published a number of papers in top cybersecurity and distributed computing conferences, such as CRYPTO, EUROCRYPT, CCS, TCC, PODC.