Secure Multi-Party Computation

Bingsheng Zhang
  • Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Lancaster University

Dr. Bingsheng Zhang is the programme director of Msc. Cyber security and security group leader at Lancaster University. Dr. Zhang specializes in cryptography and cyber security. He has published over 50 papers in peer-reviewed security/cryptography conferences and journals, including the world’s leading ones, such as EUROCRYPT, ASIACRYPT, ACM CCS, PKC, ICDCS, FC, PODC, IEEE Security & Privacy, IEEE Trans. Mob. Comput., and IEEE Trans. Inf. Forensics Security, etc.

In the recent years, his research efforts mainly focus on secure computing, verifiable electronic voting (e-voting) and blockchain security. He is currently running several projects with EPSRC and PETRAS grants on blockchain security and e-voting security. Meanwhile, he is collaborating with many blockchain technology companies, including Blockchain Institute, Ergo Platform, and IOHK.

Hongsheng Zhou
  • Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Hong-Sheng Zhou is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Virginia Commonwealth University, and a scientist and co-founder of Fractal Platform, a new blockchain startup. Hong-Sheng was a postdoc at Maryland Cybersecurity Center, as a recipient of NSF Computing Innovation Fellowship, under the direction of Jonathan Katz. Before that, he received his PhD at the University of Connecticut with Aggelos Kiayias as advisor.

Hong-Sheng is working on multiple directions in cryptography including Secure Computing (Secure Multi-Party Computation, Blockchain Technologies, Functional Encryption and Obfuscation, Verifiable Computation), and Extreme Cryptography (Leakage/Tampering Resilience, Klepto Resilience, Quantum Resilience). He has published a number of papers in top cybersecurity and distributed computing conferences, such as CRYPTO, EUROCRYPT, CCS, TCC, PODC.