ICSR held the 2021 Zhejiang University System Security Summer School

Date: 2021-08-10
Author: ICSR   Source: ICSR

The Institute of Cyberspace Research of Zhejiang University held the 2021 Zhejiang University System Security Summer School from Aug 3rd to 5th.

This year’s summer school consists of three topics: vulnerability analysis and detection, hardware-assisted system security, and HarmonyOS and container security. We invite 14 outstanding researchers to give lectures in the summer school, attracting more than 500 students from all over the world to participate in the summer school online.

On the first day, five researchers gave lectures on vulnerability analysis and detection.

  • “Unveiling Insecure and Privacy-Risky Practice in Mobile Apps with Automated Program Analysis” by Professor Zhiqiang Lin from Ohio State University;
  • “Multi-level Observation and Understanding of Program Behaviors” by Professor Zhenkai Liang from National University of Singapore;
  • “The power of variant analysis in software vulnerability discovery” by Dr. Tielei Wang from Pangu;
  • “Vulnerability Assessment from the Perspective of Open-source Software Supply Chain” by Professor Yuan Zhang from Fudan University;
  • “Software Security Analysis from Automation to Intelligence” by Dr. Yulei Sui from University of Technology Sydney;

The topic of the second day is hardware-assisted system security, and five researchers gave lectures.

  • “Hardware-assisted run-time protection” by Professor N. Asokan from University of Waterloo;
  • “LoongArch ISA Design” by Fuxin Zhang from Microprocessor Center, Institute of Computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences;
  • “ARM Hardware Feature-based System Security Research” by Associate Professor Fengwei Zhang from Southern University of Science and Technology;
  • “The Static Analysis and Vulnerability Detection for Operating System” by Dr. Jiaju Bai from Tsinghua University;
  • “Deep in ADM SEV Security” by Professor Yinqian Zhang from Southern University of Science and Technology.

On the last day, four researchers gave lectures on HarmonyOS and container security.

  • “The Trend Analysis of Mobile Security” by Liang Chen from Huawei;
  • “HarmonyOS Security” by Tianfu Fu from Huawei;
  • “Container Security of Ant Group” by Chenggang Qin from Ant Group;
  • “Operating System Security in Container Usage Scenarios” by Professor Wenbo Shen from Zhejiang University.

The lecturers in the summer school not only presented the basic knowledge but also discussed the state-of-the-art research studies in system security. For each lecture, students asked a lot of questions both online and offline.