The 2020 Zhejiang University Summer School on System Security for Graduated Students

Date: 2020-08-12
Author: ICSR   Source: ICSR

Although the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic is ruthless, it is difficult to stop the enthusiasm of scholars and students for academic research. On August 12, the 5-day “System Security Summer School” of the CSRC of Zhejiang University officially kicked off in expectations. This “System Security Summer School” was hosted by the Cyber Security Research Center for the first time. 16 experts and scholars with outstanding research in the field of system security were invited to report on this topic through the online platform Zoom. By using the Zoom online platform, the basic knowledge of system safety and the latest research progress were taught and discussed respectively. Besides, It has successfully attracted nearly 500 experts, scholars, teachers and students from top universities in this field from home and abroad.

On the first day, we have ushered in a wonderful topic sharing by 4 experts and scholars. The opening session was given by Prof. Xiaofeng Wang from Indiana University. His report was titled “Games with Devil: from Secure AI to Confidential Computing”. He explained and shared the game between “security workers” and “attackers” from the perspective of game theory, explaining this theory of Game from three different episodes: Threat Analysis, Machine Learning Security, and Trusted Execution Environment; Then Prof. Ruoyu Wang from Arizona State University gave a report on topic of “An Introduction to Binary Analysis and Vulnerability Detection”. From the introduction of binary files, to the vulnerabilities in binary files and finally to basic binary program analysis, the basic knowledge of introductory binary analysis was clearly displayed. He also demonstrated the stack-based buffer overflow attack and shellcode execution on the spot also with many further suggestions; Later, Professor Yang Liu from NTU brought a session on “Exploring Road to Fuzzing Research”; Professor Wenliang Du from Syracuse University presented relevant research on Trustzone in the evening.